Ways to save money on a Boat Tour in the USA.

Ways to save money on a Boat Tour in the USA.

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with a few lakes or access to a bay, you may find yourself wanting to go on a boat tour! Boat tours are the best way to get a great view of the lake while enjoying entertainment and refreshments on a slow cruise. You may even be able to come away with some new friends!

Shop around your area to see what boat tours are available.

First, you will want to search your area to see what boat tours are around. Usually, there is at least one on each lake and they may have times that you can book throughout the day. It really depends, do you like a large lake? Are you looking for a long cruise or a short cruise? What type of refreshments do they have and are the refreshments expensive? Is the cruise far away? These are all things to think about when considering a Desert Belle boat cruise for your family this weekend.

Book though the boat tour website itself!

Once you have selected the cruise that is the best for this weekend, try to use online booking options to look for a deal on the tickets. A lot of places will allow you to book the tickets directly through the website. For instance, the Desert Belle boat’s tours website allows users to buy boat tour tickets weeks in advance. Travelers come to their boat year round for their amazing tour. This is the best way because other sites may charge a fee on top of the ticket. It may seem like there is a discount but really you are paying a big company instead of supporting the boat. Sometimes the boat will offer a 2 for 1 special on cruises during the week, so you may want to switch you weekend plans to a weekday when it may be less crowded and the tickets less expensive. Desert Belle Cruises is one of the most populated boat tours at Saguaro Lake, Arizona.

Choose a cruise that is not too far away

Hopefully, the cruise that you have chosen isn’t too far from where you live. I prefer to take cruises around sunset because it is amazing to see on the boat. Most will want to take a cruise in the morning so that the rest of the day is free for other plans. So, load the family in the car and make your way over to the lake to meet your tour guide.

Get a good parking spot

Once you have reached the bay and spotted your boat and captain, find a good spot to park the car and gather your belongings to take on the cruise. You will need a good hat and some sunscreen. Most boat cruises have a roof and are open on the sides so the sun is not beating down on you all day. This helps with not getting a sunburn. Some boats will have a weight limit of how much cargo you can bring on board. Sometimes large items like grills and personal rafts are prohibited.

Get the large size instead of the small

When you buy the large size soft drink or popcorn, you are saving money because you are buying more at a lower price. Sure, it may be more food and you might not be able to finish it. But, try to make it stretch so that all of the people in your party can have some. That way you don’t have to buy a small for everyone. Except for Susan, because she only eats gluten-free popcorn and won’t be able to share the large popcorn with everyone else.

Bring Items You May Need For An Outdoors Trip

Bring any hats, scarves, drinks, snacks, & anything else you may need on a long day trip. Some boat riders even like to bring camping & hiking gear along with them just incase they stop. You don’t want to be caught spending money on these items while on the trip, many travelers bring these items along.

Try to get a seat near the edge of the boat

The edge of the boat is next to the water. Everyone would rather sit by the water than have to get sandwiched between Jimmy and Uncle Joe. I recommend to get to your tour early so that you can be one of the first passengers on the boat. Being the first person on the boat will make sure that you can select the seat of your choice. The end seats are best because you get the best view and the most breeze. You may even get to see some fish or dolphins that are swimming on the side of the boat. Be careful, if Jimmy is feeling good today he might push you into the water. So, be sure to wear your seat belt.

If you follow these simple steps, not only will you have the greatest boat tour of your life, but you will be know than your adventure created memories that will last a lifetime.